My philosophy for tutoring is built upon the belief that you deserve the highest level of individualized service based on your specific goals and unique learning style. After learning about your objectives and aspirations for taking this exam, the next step in my SAT help is to ensure that we utilize the most appropriate approach for you. For example, if you’re currently scoring in the 25th percentile, then we will begin from the fundamentals. This includes teaching you how to break down the various problems you’ll encounter into solvable questions. On the other hand, if you’re scoring within a higher percentile, we will focus on your specific trouble areas and dive right into the difficult questions. I will adjust my teaching style, materials and time to accommodate your individual learning needs and goals.

To help you fully prepare for this test, below you will find further information and resources regarding the SAT:

SAT Overview

Here you can learn more about the SAT including your allotted time for each section of the exam and how many questions each section is comprised of. Also, find out more about the scoring breakdown and what the different percentile marks actually mean.

SAT Resources

This link provides various resources that should help you further improve your SAT score.

SAT Tips

If you’re looking to strengthen your approach to the SAT, follow these SAT help guidelines.

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